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Welcome to Hayotards, a fan community on LJ dedicated to Hayato, the wonderful vocalist of DuelJewel.

The current layout was made in Photoshop CS by lizihua

brushes & patterns

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New ^_^ [08 Jun 2007|10:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Name/Alias: Caitlin
Location: Sacramento, California
Sex: female
How long have you been into DuelJewel?: Umm...a few weeks?
Why Hayato?: HOW COULD I NOT?!
Favorite DuelJewel song?: "Hanauta"
Ever seen them live? if so, how was it?: Yes,
it was the first time I ever saw him, anywhere, live at JRock Revolution a few weeks ago...(I'd heard of DuelJewel before but I hadn't heard any of their stuff or anything). I only went to the show for Miyavi and alice nine. but I immediately fell in love with DuelJewel when I saw Hayato up there. Yes, it was a major fangirl discovery for me XD but he looked so adorable, he was smiling and shining so happily, I couldn't help it!
Other musicians you like(it doesn't have to be Japanese): Tokio Hotel (don't kill me >_<), Miyavi, Gackt, HYDE, alice nine., Bi/Rain, KAT-TUN, Ai Otsuka, Yi Da Huang, Rainie Yang...can't think of anyone else that I like too much right now, my music taste is pretty much just Tokio Hotel, HYDE, Miyavi, and DuelJewel.

And here of photos of DuelJewel taken by my friend sweetxvanilla from...JRock Revolution =)
Enjoy, but if you post them anywhere make sure you give her credit!

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[23 Oct 2006|10:39pm]

hello fellow DJ fans~

I bring... more screenshots. yes. this time of the PV samples of Aishu Melancholia and Life On... (if you missed em, you can view it here)

They're rather Hayato-centric since both pvs have ...many many shots of our dear vocalist. These screencaps are kinda small and would work nicely for AIM avatars or just to keep you all over till the official PVs are released (which I will be screencapping as well ♥)

w00tCollapse )

xposted to duel_jewel so if you are a member of that community too, you'll be seeing these again.
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New Member [03 Oct 2006|09:01pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Name/Alias: Alina
Location: ia; USA
Sex: Female
How long have you been into DuelJewel?: A little less than four years, I'm guessing.
Why Hayato?: Why NOT Hayato? Haha, I think his voice is very distinctive, I just love it.
Favorite DuelJewel song?: Um... hard to say! konsui xke xke doll...maybe?
Ever seen them live? if so, how was it?: Yes, I saw them in their 2003 US "tour," I guess. It was awesome!
Other musicians you like: GLAY, Jamiroquai, Belle & Sebastian, baroque, MUCC...etc.

It's nice to be a part of this community, I hope it isn't too dead ^_^!

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[30 Sep 2006|01:32pm]

ladies and gents I bring you screencaps of Making of AZURE PV! you can watch the clip here if you missed it

(and yes you may save these for icons or whatever if you are a graphics maker)

50+ screencapsCollapse )

x-posted to duel_jewel and hayotards
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DuelJewel's new look! [29 Sep 2006|07:42pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Sorry if you see this a million times, I'm kinda excited so I've x-posted it to a few other places :D;


Mmm, they look pretty cool. I'm excited about their new cds ^^

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[26 Aug 2006|09:28pm]

Name/Alias:  x___Kei
Location:  Toronto, Canada
Sex: Female
How long have you been into DuelJewel?:  A while now
Why Hayato?:  I like his voice~ :D
Favorite DuelJewel song?:  Couldn't say
Ever seen them live? if so, how was it?: I'm too poor to see them live ;_;
Other musicians you like(it doesn't have to be Japanese):  Dir en Grey, BUCK-TICK, Malice Mizer,  mrm too many to list. ^^;;
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[25 May 2006|01:52am]

ahh fellow Hayotards I bear news of DuelJewel!

Their new single Azure is coming out on JULY 5 so everyone should go out and preorder a copy!

preorders are available right now at cdjapan.co.jp. 8D
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[17 Apr 2006|09:49pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Does anyone know what's wrong with the layout? I can't seem to get the header image to show up.... but then it worked fine on my other LJ. >____<;;

Well, until I fix this, please bear with the mess people.
I apologize for this.

EDIT: The layout is now working guys!! What do you guys think? =DD

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o_o *stumbles in.* [11 Apr 2006|08:46pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Name/Alias: Lain
Location: Toronto, Canada
Sex: Female
How long have you been into DuelJewel?: About a... week ago? XD; YES I AM UBER N00B. ;_; See, I heard Hanauta by chance, thought it was an absolutely kickass song and lizihua took advantage of that fact and decided to direct me here :o have been in a OMGAHMUSTGETMORE mode since then. XD;
Why Hayato?: Because I really like his voice, it's neat. :D;
Favorite DuelJewel song?: Hanauta. ( ; A ; )
Ever seen them live? if so, how was it?: Newp~
Other musicians you like(it doesn't have to be Japanese): Well, my current kicks right now are 12012, Plastic Tree, Alice Nine, Gazette, Lolita 23q, Kagrra, Mr. Bungle, Jaga Jazzist, D'espairsRay, She Wants Revenge, DFA1979, Phantasmagoria, KuRt, Vidoll, the list goes on and on and on... x.o;

*goes to hide.* ;_;

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[02 Apr 2006|06:05pm]

[ mood | stinking of incense ]

Yes, as co-mod of this comm, I feel I should do this survey too. Yayness.

Name/Alias: Asuya
Location: Toronto, Canada
Sex: Female
How long have you been into DuelJewel?: About two and half years, I think.
Why Hayato?: What's there not to love? He's a sweet, adorable guy with a great voice. ♥
Favorite DuelJewel song?: Betray
Ever seen them live? if so, how was it?: NO. But one day Hayato will bring DJ to Toronto and then I will stalk them go see them perform. One day... >D
Other musicians you like(it doesn't have to be Japanese): I like a lot of artists, but currently I've been really into Gazette, MASK, Ayabie and HeaRt.

Please don't forgot to fill one out. Shoushou and I want to get to know our community's members better. =]

Also, I've been thinking for a while now that this community is in sore need of a new layout.
So, I wanted to know if anyone has suggestions on the picture(s) I should use? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. =33

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[02 Apr 2006|11:48am]

greetings fellow Hayotards =D

I see we have some new members but not everyone's introduced themselves! Don't be shy, we don't bite =3 I'd like it if everyone (even those of you who've introduced yourselves) to fill out this little survey and post it =3

How long have you been into DuelJewel?:
Why Hayato?:
Favorite DuelJewel song?:
Ever seen them live? if so, how was it?: (if it's a long rant, please lj-cut thanks)
Other musicians you like(it doesn't have to be Japanese):

here's mine under the cutCollapse )
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[13 Jan 2006|04:37pm]

Hayotards rejoice, I come bearing screencaps!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
say hi to DuelJewel. Theres only about 4 pix0r under the cut but thats because I only capped the first five minutes and these are the ones that are of Hayato.

Yato is pimpCollapse )


EDIT: sometime around 2AM 1/14/06: I come with MORE screencaps of Hayato!
pimp yato strikes again!Collapse )
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New Mini-album [12 Jan 2006|06:03pm]

THATS RIGHT! All you Hayotards get to hear more from our lovely Hayato in their all-new mini-album VISIONS.

heres some info on it! yay!

release date: February 22, 2006.
tracks: 5 (reincarnation flow, hana uta, mxxder marble, akaneiro no machi, kamisori)
versions: there are 2 versions of this cd. The track lists are the same on both its just that one comes with a DVD and the other is just plain.

Version 1 (blue)
CD + DVD + 8page booklet. The DVD is of the PV "hana uta". Those that watched the itv24 live broadcast two days ago ought to have seen the sneak preview of the pv. the DVD is all-region so it can be played on any dvd player. 2300 yen.

Version 2 (red)
CD + 8 page booklet. This is the "regular press" limited to 1500 copies. 1500 yen.

"Reincarnation Flow" has been made into a "PV" (distributed to concertgoers in April of 2004 and to fanclub members) and "Akaneiro no Machi" was the ending theme song of a short 20-minute christmas movie.

RAG members you ought to have recieved info about preordering the cds and the RAG discount prices. Preorders ought to be available for non-RAG members at places such as third stage and cdjapan.
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Poll [07 Jan 2006|10:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey, not sure if you guys have seen this but there's a poll on JhouseRock on the bottom left of the site to vote for what bands you would like to see in concert in the US this year. Duel Jewel is one of them along with 12012, Vidoll, Phantasmagoria, Karen, Mucc, Sid, and Kagerou. Dunno if voting will ultimately decide who's coming, but it's worth a try. I myself have seen Duel Jewel only once live, but I would very much like to see them again.

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[30 Dec 2005|11:22am]

ehem. this is late xD but happy belated birthday to Hayato! yaay! I hope everyone leaves a birthday message for him on the DJ bbs if you havent already done so, even if its late, I'm sure he'd appreciate the birthday wishes.
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X-mas photobook? [19 Dec 2005|01:47am]
[ mood | cold ]

Hey does anyone know where I could buy that DJ Christmas photobook? I was a little curious about it and if it's a relatively decent price I was considering buying it. Or if anyone could be kind enough to share scans? Either is fine, and lastly I have some pics to share.

Not sure if anyone has tried reading DJ's diary (on the Japanese official site) but in the past they've posted pictures of themselves (one with Natsuki and his motorcycle and Val at the dentist, for example, but that is for another community :P). Here's two I've saved of Hayato if anyone would like to see.

clickCollapse )

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Just for Giggles... [29 Oct 2005|12:55pm]


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I didn't take this pic, I don't know who did. If anyone does know, I will gladly credit.
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Dunno if anyone's seen this [28 Oct 2005|11:21pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I feel funny for posting so soon again, but I saw this picture recently on Visunavi; probably not new to anyone else, but it was quite new to me.

Hayato looks pretty cool (blue-black hair?), as so do the other members. But if this is a new look, does that mean new music? Ahh I wanna know when they'll be coming out with new stuff :O

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Hello, I'm new [26 Oct 2005|07:39pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi, I found this community while randomly looking up interests. I don't know if it's really active anymore, but I decided to post anyway :D;

Anywho, I was wondering, does anyone have the original pics that are in the colorbar in this community's userinfo? I've never seen those pics and if anyone could share them with me, I would greatly appreciate it.

And I have a gift, 2 Duel Jewel songs I recently uploaded on YouSendIt for someone. Though you guys probably already have them, here they are.

clickCollapse )

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A post! [05 Oct 2005|11:17pm]

[ mood | content ]

So let me ask, have you ever seen Hayato acting retarded? I saw him being jumping around and taking pictures at Denny's once and playing with, but not actually playing, the crane machine.

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